Hello there!

Thank you very much for checking out my website. I hope you like all my past projects and the next ones to come.

My name is Mer Rodriguez, I was born in Spain and  I am currently living in London, UK. 

I have always had a passion for storytelling, video, photography, and music. I studied Media and Communication. Since I started my degree, I have been collaborating with different magazines as a copywriter, camera operator, and video editor. I've covered a different kind of events like fashion, cinema and music festivals. 

Once I finished my degree I started working as a Content and Advertising Planner on a Private TV.  As I wanted the next step in my career I decided to move to London and start over.

On December 2018 I started working as Video Editor in Sarabande Foundation, established by Alexander McQueen. I realized works as a Camera Operator, Video Editor (including sound and colour), and Photographer.

I am a person who can't be stopped, my head is always creating new stories and most of my projects are born when I am sleeping.


2019 by Mercedes Rodríguez

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